Still laptop-less

It turns out there are bad sectors on my hard-drive for the Windows part, so Windows in the end can not boot. Sucks. I have to send it back to ACER again and this time they will also replace my touch pad. Other than that the LCD works great, which is about it.

Right now I’m on my old 266-Compaq. It totally sucks. I really cant stand the fact my dad stays in the living room 24/7 when he gets home from work. From that we have me Alienware-less, and resorting to this. It’s either he doesnt like the sound of the fans from the system, because they are too “loud” when he blasts the TV louder than a 7400rpm fan could go or he just hates to see me on the computer. Either or, but I believe it’s both. He use to get pissed at me for sitting there to long looking at a string of letters which wound up turning into a beautiful application. He doesnt understand how I or anyone can sit there for hours on end and waste their lives.

Oh well, back to sitting on this 266 alone.

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