I feel like shit

I hope everyone had a great new-years! I was out visiting a friend of mine and had a great time. Loved every second of it. That includes washing the car because it was covered in an inch thick of sandish like substance and dust.

Today, however, I feel like shit. I must be sleeping wrong or some window is open that I don’t know about. My back is killing me. Not to mention the nightmares I’ve been having lately are getting worse.

On the lighter side of things, my dad is back to normal. No more fighting, no more drinking. He’s clean shaved, and what-not.

Other than that, nothing much.. Just glad everything is as it should be.

I’m out to do some body work on my car outside, assuming those jackass kids didn’t egg it again like they did the day before I left.

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2 thoughts on “I feel like shit”

  1. even loved the part where you drove around aimlessly for 4+ hours? :p

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