Every time I come to the forum ( I see a “GoogleBot” browsing the entire forum. Yet, when searching Google for results concerning JPdb ( or the forum nothing really comes up. Why would it be indexing such pages as “Viewing Profile” or “Posting in: JPdb Bar and Grill?” Odd, but oh well. Just thought it was rather funny.

Oh yeah. JPdb is 1,160,000 most visited site on the internet. Or something like that. Use to be the 350,000 back in 2000 and 2001 when Jurassic Park 3 was only a rumor. Kind-of sad to see how it dropped.

On the other side of things, I should really learn to stop asking questions and wishing the know the truth of any matter at hand. It’s good in some respects, but it can hurt in others. Causing harm to not only myself, but to also the character being questioned. At times it might be something I don’t want to hear, or something they don’t want to speak. So, yeah, I should really keep my mouth shut at times. From there I should just sit back and enjoy what’s going on right now and say “Fuck the past, we’re here now, that’s all that matters.” Somewhat, or rather all true. I love it.

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