I think it’s over now. Or at least the signs of it anyhow. Time will only tell for sure. Now, back to American Hi-Fi – This Is The Sound.

Points: 1995

Makes me wonder. I swear. My mom’s group sessions are scared that me out of all people are greatly affected by my fathers actions. That I run on a higher risk of doing something to myself or becoming just like him. That’s sad. As much as I want to be like my father intellect wise I don’t want his drinking problem, his jealous rage from keeping his own wife go out and have a good time. He’s the one who is like lets just stay home. That worries the people in the session because I’m normally home or in my dorm room doing nothing. They told me mom to get me out of the house more often and expose myself to the world. As from there I think I’ve found something to keep me out of the house. However, who knows how long that will last either. That is a constant fear of mine. Losing something that in time may become dear to me. Part of me thinks I’ve lost it already.

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