Busy shits.

Well, last night I was writing a paper and I passed out while writing it. Go figure. My roommate comes in high as hell last night and woke me up out of his pure kindness; asking me if I was alright since I was hanging off the bed with laptop off to the side. So now its 3am and I’m writing a paper, bleh, didn’t finish it till about 6:30am… making it like the worst paper I’ve ever written. I go to print the paper out in a computer lab and the printer jams. Try another printer, that one jams. What the fuck?!

Sat in Physics today like sleeping next to a friend of mine from the Cook/Douglass lab days. She’s like “Dude, Jon are you alright? I’ve never seen you sleep in class before.” Did some Calculus II work in class when she woke me up. Finally got all that done. I’ve always hated Volume and Area, but now I understand it, but I still hate it. Especially when it says rotated around x or y = some_number. I still get it wrong. However, everything else is pretty much correct. I think… what’s the integral of sqrt(x)/sqrt(5+2x) * (2 + 5x) dx, hm I wonder.

Geochronology was cool today, sat there and listened to a guy talk the whole period about how the earth is supposedly 4.55 Ga years old. Damn those illogical Christians. Ha, I laugh at 4,500 year old earth probabilities.

English was English because I was completely bored and tired. Simple as that.

Now, I’m here after my last class (#5) of the day… Calculus II for Physics. I’m tired as hell, the “Work” and “Average Value of an Integral” is indeed fun. I wonder why I failed Calculus last semester when this stuff looks and feels so simple. 1 / b – a integral ( f(x) dx ) = fave. Ha. I’m stupid.

Anyhow, floor meeting in 30 minutes. I’m going to go clean my side of the room, wash my clothes and sheets or something in the mean time. Mean has a new meaning for me at this point due to Calculus.

I’m a geek, what can I say. A geek with horrible grammar on a blog. Who cares, who reads this thing anyway? No one!

[…]and to make this a finished thread… here is my current rank on Browncoats. Shitty.
points: 3580 rank: 102

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