Hey Tiffany!

You know, Tiffany (SamFan), your theory of if you can get two you’re fine is totally wrong! I’ve tried, accomplished that, now what? LOL (Well in this case). I’ve had no success with anything of that nature. It’s like I’m hitting a brick wall once it’s somewhat in. It’ll just stop and be like, “What the hell?” Anyhow, just thought I’d let you know that. Msg me sometime Tiffany, when you’re not to busy with your Graduate school stuff.

Note: If anyone else is reading this, its an inside joke between Tiffany and I. So if you don’t understand, don’t worry. Or think of something else, you’re probably wrong.

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6 thoughts on “Hey Tiffany!”

  1. Haha thanks Mel! I think we’ll need one when we start work on the house. I haven’t talked to you in a while. Whats up?!

    Everything clear what?

  2. „Alles klar“? Was zum Teufel…?

    I’ve been alright, Jon. Freezing my ass off, but good. I’m always on AIM if you want to talk so theres no excuse for not having spoken to me in awhile! 😀

  3. Was ich dabei sagen wollte war dass ich wirklich nix verstehen habe. Sarkusmus wird am Internet nicht sehr gut übermittelt. Verzeihung.

    I’d forgotten how stupid I am, sorry.

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