Gotta to love it! [2]

Saturday night was rather interesting. It’s been nearly two years since I’ve drank in an excess at which I’ve did last night. At first I was looking forward to going, but then I changed my mind in the end because I was going to have to pretend to be someone I wasn’t, just so I can hang out. That upset me a tad, but oh well. I evidently stayed. Drank too much, causing me to spend almost the rest of the night over the toilet puking. Eventually I sobered up and drove back, yes drove back, to my campus. But this all occurred around 7:00 am. Luckily it was just a straight line.

Now, a few hours of sleeping, I’m here with a new design because in my drunken state, I’ve created this masterpiece. I should get drunk more often and vomit in the toilet. Not to say I would, since my immunity to alcohol is horrible now. I use to be able to drink so much not more than two years ago, and now I suddenly can’t. I still drink about 4 ½ Hard Mikes, 4 shots, and 5 beers. But I never vomited after doing such things like that. It’s horrible. I feel so much better now, however, when is the next get together. I’m reserving the toilet again… just so people can make fun of the white dude passed out on the bathroom floor.

Along with being drunk, I also been told that I’ve said sorry about a hundred times. I have my reasons to be sorry. Too many reasons to be sorry for is my intuition. Also struck up a stupid conversation about how the lunar gravity varies a great deal. Thus, I’ve must have been gone.

However, out of all that… I think the best thing to happen was watching… yeah that’s another story for another time.

. . . .

Browncoat Update is now points: 5360 & rank: 56!

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