As the night goes on

Well it’s safe to say that everything is going as planned. Things on my side for once couldn’t be better. For once I feel extremely happy. I’ve been happy before, but never like this. I actually feel like there is a purpose for me to be here and so forth. As I ramble on about being happy at 1:30 in the morning, it still can change in the next few hours. More-or-less when I have to wake up and go to class.

I’m probably going to sit here for a little while and attempt to do some physics before it’s due in the morning at 10:05 am. Then I have physics lab to get my ass over to at 2:50 pm. That will probably kill my day alone with having to write a paper for expos101. I feel like an idiot for being in 101. Considering that I’ve gone through 098, 099, then Rutgers decides to combine 098 & 099 into one course because they seen two separate courses were useless. So I didn’t receive credit for 098/099. Thus, upon coming to New Brunswick having to take 100 instead of 101 the first semester and getting 101 out of the way. Now, I’m taking 101 and it sucks because this should have all been done before-hand.

Anyhow, I’ll be around watching MacGyver and doing some physics. If anyone feels the need to talk, feel free! Especially.. yeah. I still feel a bit over the edge from Saturday, but oh well. 😉

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