The End [2]

I should come to realize nothing is forever, no matter how short a time they come to play a part in the heart. I’ve also realized that I’m just a fucking asshole with no life other than to make other people un-happy. There I said it. Are all of you pleased at my glorious statement? No matter what the hell I touch I kill almost instantly. I steal, I cheat, I lie. I’m no good as parents often pick out of the blue. It is usually my fault everything comes to pass, thus this is no exception. Shoot me now, call me later… and just forget about me. I’ll just ruin anyone’s or thing’s life. Last Words & Thoughts of Jon.

. . . .

In the past, two girlfriends’ that I did have smoked pot. Of the two girlfriends, both of them cheated on me while smoking pot. Here walks in a third whom I adore, and she smokes on the side, and my biggest fear is losing her the same way I lost the last two in high school. Bleh. Might be too late, for my actions could have or did cause what the ripple in time now produces.

This might explain one thing, if someone would care to communicate.

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