Method to my madness [3]

[02:08] Tell us about this fuck buddy
[02:08] She's 5'X' Red hair and really pretty
[02:09] She's been bitchy lately, so I dont know :-/
[02:11] Those bitches
[02:12] I think it's because I've been hanging around to much.. It's only because I like the company... but it could be something else. Oh well.
[02:13] Like I really have no work outside of Physics/Calc. All the same shit and a paper every now and then to write. Other than that... there is nothing for me to do. No one else to talk too. No one to hang out with.
[02:13] Sob.
[02:14] I'd probably leave her alone more often if she wasnt on another campus. It's just so hard to get my ass on a bus in the first place
[02:14] Sob?
[02:16] But I have to admit. It's great being alone in my room right now. Roommate has no classes after 4pm today and no classes Friday.. so he goes home... But a shame that I have no one to hang out with here on Livingston

. . . .

Well it is shown to be true: I’m a horrible person. A horrible boyfriend. A horrible everything. I break everything I touch. I can’t avoid the pain of being around you. In the end no one cares. No even the ones you stride to care about.

. . . .

I’m not being “emo!” It’s just a state of mind. It has nothing to do with so-called emotions. I’m tired.

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