Sweetness leading to Disgust

Well let’s see, I’ve had an exciting weekend. Not shabby if I do say so myself. I’ll fill you all in on the details later if you haven’t heard most of them from Luffy; especially the one about the bathroom scene. That was extraordinary. : )!!!

And! points: 7870 rank: 34

. Now:

I can however say today started out horrible. I woke up and decided to take a shower in the morning which I never really do, but in all honesty I needed one. I go to the one down the hall from me, but they are all full. Eventually I decide to the one on the next all boy floor. Fuck. I walk in there and there is vomit all over the place. Paper. Trash. Fucking disgusting. I said the hell with it. Go into the girls shower and its even worse. I wont even begin to describe in detail what I’ve seen. Aside from that let’s say the shower was taken somewhere.

Now, you all know my roommate Abdul. He’s a nice kid, but he never goes to fucking class. “Oh Jon I have a class at 8:10 can you turn out the lights?” Of course me being nice I’ll turn out the lights. What does he do? He doesn’t get up for class! HE sleeps until 1:30 PM today only waking up to text his girlfriend and go back to sleep. Then has to audacity wake me up at 2:00 PM once I’ve finally gotten some work done in Physics to ask me what time I have class. Like BLAH! ME == Tired. Go Away. You Slept All Day.

Well done rant.

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