Recent events leading to Spring-Break

Well everyone its Sprint Break! I’m currently home on my Alienware Desktop, no-less! Man I’ve missed this thing. While it probably the same strength as my Acer Laptop, I’m just happy to be on it. I recently had to install a new power supply, a stick of 512 DDR-ram, a new 250Gbyte at 7200rpm with 8mb cache hard-drive all in one day. You can thank my brother for that. He in all his genius downloaded a shit load of porn and viruses that somehow made it way to my existing sticks of ram… and blew the power supply. He also caused me to format the one hard-drive that held most of my mother’s information, thus causing her to be pissed at me.

On top of all that, the backup of the information that I did for my mother on an old Compaq also failed. The hard-drive shorted out! What fucking luck was that? So she’s taking the hard-drive to a specialist sometime soon. Hopefully they can get it off of the drive for her. I’ll be very pissed if they can’t.

Back to my life: There is nothing exciting worth mentioning other than the fact that I’m very happy with the way everything is going so far. The only that that is hampering me from doing everything I please is school. Expository Writing 101 is hogging most of my time, Geochronology is making us do this stupid paper, and Physics/Calculus never ends.

Over the past week has been absolutely fantastic… getting fucked up and all. Not that I like getting messed up, but sometimes it calls for it. I had a really great time with everyone! I just hope they put up with my shitty Beatles singing that I was doing. I know it gets a little annoying, but even worse when I’m a little drunk. Fun times.

Oh yeah, I love the bathroom stalls. Hehe. *wink*

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