Beware of everything

Yesterday had to be the best day of my life. It was filled with joyous fun and laughter. Sounds kind of bland, but that’s because I really don’t want to go into detail with it… if I did I’ll probably be shot by more than one party. Well I can say we really didn’t accomplish the report we set out too complete, but oh well. We somehow sorted out what we’re doing, and DOING, but even so. It’s sad that I had to leave around 12:30 am because it was too late to be hanging out writing a paper.

The only thing that made it bad was the fact that it was a 2 and a half hour drive! And man, there were a shit-load of cops all over the place.

At one point I was keeping pace with a cop truck at 82 miles an hour. I just thought it was a white truck since he had no lights on the grill or the hood… but along the side it had police. I was like oh shit. The thing that made this whole scenario funny was the commercial on the radio of the new session of “The Shield.” Man I thought I was going to get pulled over. After that, there were cops all over the place… I hate the Parkway. Hell even on route 3 and 21 in North Jersey there were cops!

Well like they say “Beware the Ides of March” (That was yesterday, 15th, for those who didn’t know or cared to remember).

And: 9325

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