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Lets see. I updated to mIRC 6.16 today after all those years (or months) of using mIRC 5.9 with the classic eXtreme script. I must say 6.16 it is a vast improvement. I never really liked version 6.0, but somehow it changed over the last few months. If anyone is interested in using eXtreme, download it here:

Anyhow, I’m forced to make this update by my female-lover… I think I’ll talk about Constantine. Finally found a good version of it by Centropy (no less) and I don’t see how this movie earned a B+ from all the top reviewers in the media. I can see how it earned an A+ from the average user. It’s because they are stupid. Constantine isn’t a bad movie; it just had a really big hype since the ‘guy’ from The Matrix was starring in it. The chick of the movie isn’t even that hot. Man, what kind of shit are they promoting in movies today? Shitty sequels, straight to video releases… bleh… stupid if you ask me. All for milking money out of our pockets. Anyway, who would have guessed that the Archangel-Gabriel was female? Haha. *edit: and she has a nice ass!*

You know what was a really good movie? Bigfish. For some reason I’ve been going through movies to watch and I came across Bigfish. When I first saw this movie, man I cried. It was simply fantastic. If you haven’t seen it… YOU SHOULD. Simply said.

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