I must have spent a great deal of man hours staring at functions. All the functions within the Word Press core make no sense. Well they do, but they didn’t lead me to where I wanted to go. It basically all came down to a simple function file filled with default functions. These default functions dictate all the initial commands to the functions that are called up in a specific template. All I had to do from the start was block out one function call and it would have solved all my problems from the get-go. How pathetic is that?

With that frustration out of the way I’m here alone again because my partner, lover, and person whom I’m doing a report with in Geochronology went to bed on me… so she says. That leaves me no other choice then to embellish my point and rank status at Browncoat. My I have a drum roll please? Tada! My current point and rank as of 3:15 am is 9710, 29. Only a tad more to go until I’m able to get what I really wanted from Sere..er Universal.

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