God damn Sin City ruled.

This isn’t a movie review, but the movie followed the comics to the mark. However, some sense had to be changed to protect the special interested of certain movie-goers. That is understandable… I don’t expect to see a guy’s penis flopping around on the screen; I paid to see “boobies!”

Alas there was something wrong with the film, erm wait… not the film but the surrounding in the movie theater. DAMN HIGH SCHOOL KIDS! Complete in varsity jackets. Who would have though that so many kids would have gone to a MIDNIGHT showing of Sin City? Not me. Only complete nerds… but they weren’t just nerds… there were normal jocks there. That’s pretty insane. Made Luffy, Tascar, Rob and I feel out of place. Well in my case, I wish I brought my varsity jacket from home… parading around in all the purple glory of Garfield.

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