Everything as it was… and

. . . .

Ich kann nicht deutsch sprechen oder verstehen, aber ich möchte sagen: “Du kannst dich verpissen gehen”, weil dies die einzige Sprache ist, dass du natürlich verstehen kannst.

. . . .

Sadly, I have to agree with their assumption. I know it’s not entirely my fault because I do not intentionally leave details out of a story that I tell. The details I leave out often happen because I make an assumption that they wish not to know the entire premise of the story, so I unconsciously deliver a synopsis of events which in turn leaves out important details.

Let’s have a run down of events where I will be completely honest and I will try not to leave out any important details that help put the story in an understand perspective. I’ll start with my ex-girlfriends and work my way forward in time. Okay, well I’ve only had two (2) real girlfriends (well what I would consider real). Their names were Yasmine and Kaylee-Ann. Yasmine: dated for eight (8) months at the age of 16. We got along just fine until she started hanging out with a different crowd, going out and drinking all the time. Eventually she met up with someone else and started doing pot… later on she just wound up cheating on me with a guy named Alex. She did eventually try to get back together with me, but I declined, for I had no further interest in dating her.

A few months would go by when I started to see Kaylee. She was a cool friend which made its way up to an “exclusive” status as some of her friends would like to call it. The relationship with her was even rockier than the one with Yasmine, but it was in the mix of all working out. Her personality was cool and we liked hanging out, she was a computer nerd or at least tried to be compared to me. However, she had an edge on me. She liked to drive around where on the other hand I didn’t like the idea of driving. I’ve failed my road-test when I turned 16. She would poke fun at me for that, but it didn’t matter. Oh well, I hated driving around in Garfield anyhow. It would be almost a year later when Kaylee and I breakup. The day was August 13, Kaylee’s birthday, she just wound up smoking pot with her “friends” and hooking up with a guy named Jeremy. Now with me only being 17, this is the last real girlfriend I would have.

Now in this time of abstinence, not that I go any anyhow I would try the online dating shit. Yes, I admit I did try. Sad, but true. I would form 3 more relationships that way, Jany, Sabrina and Samantha. They never worked out. Who could blame it for not working out, it’s the internet! One good thing from the internet was we all remained friends still to this day.

During this time of not dating I would just have friends, and it didn’t matter what kind of friends. Straight, gay, bi-sexual, gothic, punk.. blah blah. Well I’ve only gotten my ass kicked once in my entire life-time. It would be from a boy-friend of a friend of mine (female friend). I asked her if she wanted to see a movie with me, she said she’ll think about it. That never happened, but she asked me to come see a local concert with her and her friends. I accepted, and that was a big mistake. Her boyfriend was there with 4 of his friends. Well obviously he would be there with her. I sat in the back not really up front with her because I ran into another friend of mine while I was there Molik. I wound up talking to him for a shit load of time when Jasmine calls me over to watch the band “rock out.” Well with that said, a few minutes later her boyfriend runs into me from the side tackling me to the floor. And his 4 other friends follow in the same fashion. I wound up bruising my shoulder and getting an infection in my bladder after they were done kicking in my back. If it wasn’t for Molik pulling two of the guys off me and Ryan (the boyfriend) I would have been in a shit load of pain. So yea, thanks Molik (and Mike even though I didn’t see you until after that fight).

However, of those three named mentioned I would not forget this one that I did have a fling with 3 years later at the age of 20. Almost 3 – 4 years later after my last real relationship. Her name was Amanda whom I met through my chat-server set up on the Jurassic Park Database. I met her in person after 3 years of talking on the internet as just friends. I was to drive out to see her (after finally getting my license 5 months after Kaylee and I ended). Upon doing so it would un-ravel a shit load of crap. After those many years of not kissing a single girl, she was to break it. I would drive out to see her ever now and then and eventually I mustered the courage to ask her out. It failed and I was crushed. She told me she wasn’t interested in dating anyhow only a “fling.” Her mother begged me to ask her out, which was strange. Anyhow, she was to go off to college and we kept in touch until October when she severed all contact with me because she couldn’t deal with the fact of a guy actually liking her. Her brother said she was weird like that and I shouldn’t pay it any attention, for it should work out in the end. It hasn’t, nor will it ever due to one little detail about an internet rumor.

Apparently the chat I still monitored (#jp4) was linked to another site she visited where the owner of the actual chat called her a “Bitch.” Right away she calls me up after 4 months of not speaking and bitches me out. Stating I said she was a bitch for not going out with her. This was very unlikely! You see 3 weeks before the whole incident my laptop was stolen, but I was able to get it back–after chasing down the guy after he fled from my room. You would think after getting my laptop back I would be online, but no. Apparently my hard-drive acquired an invalid hard-drive sector while installing a Windows Update. Thus, it prevented me from booting Windows or reinstalling it. It would be 3 long weeks before I would get my laptop back from ACER, and even then they didn’t repair my one main problem… the hard-drive. It would go back to ACER for the second time when I was to receive that awful voicemail from Amanda. I’ve explained to her when I returned her call a day later that it couldn’t have been me, and since then I haven’t spoken to her.

Does that bring ever up to date on the relationships that I’ve been hiding? I bloody hope so.

Anyhow, I would meet this one girl at Rutgers. She’s damn great. Which brings me up to date with everything else thus far. Met the girl, asked her out, she said yes. Now she believes I’m hiding things at times because I never tell the whole truth because I suck at social shit.

Anyhow, yet again, there would be this little problem with the “RU centurion,” a shit paper. Apparently I lied about how many papers I threw out for them at one time. I said I must have thrown 30 or so out. I could have been wrong, it could have been less just because her roommate found more that I didn’t throw out after she had gone right after me. Well you see there was a nice little stack that she picked up and threw out that I didn’t because I was too worried about getting called caught by the RU centurion people, since they were right across from the stack by a little table. There was no way in hell that I was going to pull that off as I’m not that bold. So if that’s covering the truth, so be it. I told you both I didn’t throw out a stack because those people were around.

Now that the RU centurion is settled, lets go to my 3rd gen hunk of junk Camaro. It’s been hit twice. One of my own doing in Garfield back in October (30th I believe). I was coming home around 2:30 pm, big mistake. I was pulling in my driveway.. and wouldn’t you know it.. a garbage can blocking the driveway due to the high wind. I stopped the car and put it into park halfway in the street. Well a truck comes down the hill and doesn’t stop. You know what happens next? The car gets hit in the 10 seconds I was out of the car. Guess what! She didn’t stop. She kept going. It could have been a guy, but I’m pretty sure it was a girl as I don’t see many long haired curly guys around.

The next incident with my car would occur at school during a snow store. I guess some guy must have slid into the car because it was slippery due to the snow. Understandable. I don’t care anyhow. Well apparently I’m leaving out the part where all other dents and dings come from. They come from other inconsiderate people who don’t know how to open their car doors or give a shit about other people’s property. I really didn’t feel the need to tell anyone that as it has probably happened to everyone else.

Now, I think I’ve spilled the truth on everything that I may have kept hidden from anyone. Please excuse the bad grammar and spelling as I’m not going to recheck this unless it becomes a problem for the other readers. Everything is how I account for it. Others agree with me. However, I’m always wrong and misleading, so I don’t know. My efforts at trying to explain myself are probably wasted.

You look at all the things I try to do that are good and they backfire. I tell Luffy she’s beautiful and she hits me. Jams crap in my face about how I’m a liar, just because I’m a guy and that I’m also very misleading in general. I try to be honest in the best way possible. I shouldn’t try… I am honest. It’s just the problem that I somehow leave things out of my story which in turn lead me to be misleading and dishonest. A liar.

I hope it does more than just show I’m a lair. I hope it shows that I really do care about someone, namely she know who she is for me to spill all this out in an effort for her to not get so frustrated with me anymore. My efforts to be honest with her. I spilled my heart out on this one and it might just ruin everything.