Only time will tell if you two are meant to be….

I feel as if I’m in the way of someone else’s relationship, such as: I don’t belong, but rather they belong together. I’m just a side notion since she knows I’m around. You know once summer comes and school lets out they will get together, but it’s all the fact if they wish to continue where they left off. Somewhere at a point where they were truly happy together. This is where I will drop off and cease to exist within her life, and I’ll just be known as a guy with many flaws in both the mental realm and the physical realm. I really don’t want to stay in the way anymore. I want you two to pick up where you left off and finally be happy.

It only failed last time because one was too impatient to wait for the other. BE PATIENT. That’s how things work. Regardless of what I said in my previous entry about wanting to stay, I just think it would be best if you two just pick up. You two would probably be better off in the end—finally happy with someone you can appreciate and who will make you smile.

As today you cried, and I fear you will cry more as time goes on.

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