I’ve been working at it all day and I seem to understand it as long as the stuff is in front of me :p

But it goes to show you when you actually sit down and want to do something you have every distraction in the way that you don’t want to deal with. Especially my mom. Not that its bad to hear from her or my father during the week… its just they knew I have an exam tomorrow and I told them the first time we talked yesterday that I’m studying and writing a paper. An hour later… she calls asking for help because my bother wants to play his rap music in m4p format on the desktop, but nothing I have installed does it except Winamp. Guess what… they don’t know how to use Winamp. 25 minutes it took for me to explain: ‘how to add a file/folder’ to a “playlist.” Then another hour on the phone led to me explain how I’m not coming home this weekend. Though she wants me to and my “friend” to go to the baby shower or bridal shower. I forget what is what at this point, since I’m so far gone from studying for this bloody exam. I better pass otherwise I fail yet again. I can’t afford this.

It also turns out that I… I… I forgot.. nevermind.

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