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I got upset today over a song or rather the band that Luffy had playing… it reminded me of my old ex’ Kaylee. Not from dating, but from all the fun times we use to have fun together just as friends. We use to be the best of friends till she moved to Il. We would just hang out and do stuff, and you know what? I never kissed her. Nope not ever. So when she moved to Il, it was more like losing a friend instead of a girlfriend.

You know what? I miss a lot of people. I have so many memories of so many things that I’ve done with a shit load of people. I miss it. There are things I remember doing with Tim, Rob, Glenn, Renno, and others… and now that’s no more. I could tell you stories–true stories of what we’ve done over time, but that’s no more. I miss those times. Every so often I’m reminded of these things indirectly or whatever… it happens, I guess.

Ah, those were the days.

. . . .

Last…er this morning had to be the funniest thing.. Man, I haven’t laughed so hard since.. well High School, actually. The old times with my friends who are no long gone.. well except for like Rob and Tim.. Tim is somewhere, finally poked me back! Sweet. Then, today.. just went down hill due to missing a friend from long ago (long ago being nearly 2 years). It had to be the first time I’ve tried, or shown a tear in sadness because I keep fucking things up with Luffy.

It’s not that I mean too or anything, but… I try to be good. I try not to “bullshit.” However, that’s a part of daily life. You b/s to make conversation; some take it seriously. I know I make little bullshit, and you’re tired of it… I’m not sure what to say. You know I never really have anything interesting to say outside of the makeup of a computer or a movie that you haven’t seen.

There has been one thing that I haven’t at least fudged the truth about, and that was that I like you. Simply said. That’s all there is to it. I know I’m a jerk, your parents somewhat dislike me because I stayed late. I know that I fudged the truth about a lot of things now… fudged being leaving things out in many cases. I’m a storyteller of sorts, I want to make it sound interesting, but at the same time make it sound cool. I fail, I failed… that’s all there is to it in that case. There will be no more of that. There will be no more looking over your shoulder just to see what you’re up to, there will be no.. no more… well you tell me… oh yeah no more asking for that password–(I do that just for the hell of it, I figure you’d tell me what the entry was about in due time. So I should just wait and not say a word about it.)

I think I’ve said all that I have to say… so if you’re up for dinner and you’re reading this.. call me and we’ll eat as I’m probably passed out in a comfy chair here in the student center.

Over all, I just want to make you happy and see you happy!!

. . . .

Sad news: Rank 19, Points: 14515

. . . .

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