Where does it all come from?

It’s easy to think money grows on trees when you’re not the one paying for any of the expenses. This month has turned out to be rather crazy in the world of expenses. I swear money just flies off the tree and out the window. Let me take a moment and expand on what has been going on.

• Thermal CPU Cooling Fan for Athlon XP Processor ~$35.50
• New AMD Athlon & 512m 3200 DDR Ram for desktop ~$155.00
• New Gigabyte Motherboard ~$76.00
• New rear breaks and cylinders ~$255.00
• Hamster Bedding ~$11.00
• Gas ~$40.00
• Tickets to see Serenity on March 26 with Luffy ~$22.00
• Parents paying for my insurance ~$3,500.00 (per year which includes ’01 Silverado, bare price for Berlinetta ~$2,750.00)
• Parents adding onto the house ~PRICELESS.

For everything else there is MASTERCARD.

On a side note: My hamsters had babies, a beautiful litter of three! I will post pictures of those little ones as soon as the mother stops trying to bite me. The father (supposed father) just does nothing but clean their fur from the looks of it.

On a side note #2: My brakes needed to be replaced in the rear because someone cut the fluid line. Who would have done such a thing? Luckily, my front breaks still functioned. More notably, the Berlinetta Camaro’s are the only Camaro’s that offered a four disc break system. Dumb ass to whoever cut them!

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