This is rather interesting [2]

I found this theme on Alexking which resembles a site that Lufelia showed me the other day, which leads me to think that they too use WordPress 1.5 or better. I’ll be making my own modifications to this theme within the next 20 minutes. I just wanted to get something up so Lufelia doesn’t kick my ass in.

Anyway, on to what I wanted to say–Today I will be on my way to Philadelphia to see the 2nd preview screening of Serenity. I have somewhat low expectations for the film due to the trailer that Universal Studios put out. Oh well, what can I say? They ruined Jurassic Park III by pushing it out too soon with a horrible script. Not only that, recent reports show that Jack Horner, Jurassic Park trilogy dinosaur advisor, delayed the release of important information regarding the largest Tyrannosaurus ever discovered. Horner purposively delayed the results till Jurassic Park III was near completion. What kind of shit is that? Was it to build hype? If it was, then I never heard of this large Tyrannosaurus finding up until now. Damn Universal Studios. They influence so much to the point they delay life.

However, I do give them props for reviving a canceled Television show known as Firefly. We’ll see what Serenity holds in terms of a big screen action flick to its little sister television show.

On to the movies!

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2 thoughts on “This is rather interesting [2]”

  1. I like the new WordPress theme here. I was just on Alex’s site last night looking for default themes for a project I’m starting and thought it funny when I came here and saw one of the themes I was just looking at.

    Anyway, as usual, I haven’t talked to you in ages. I hope everything’s going well for you.

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