Thoughts about pre-‘Serenity’

Yesterday was great! (or at least I like to think so) I spent the day with my hamstress and such which led to us attending the preview screening of Serenity. We both had mellow expectations for the movie based on the trailer that was released a few weeks back. As such, the work on Serenity was incomplete. It lacked: finalization of the music score, a clean and crisp film quality, and a trilling story that was related to the spirit of Firefly.

While this movie tried to show off some aspects of Firefly it failed miserably for those who have never witnessed the magic of Firefly. Lacking also in character development and little or no explanation of who were some of the characters. The movie jumped from sequence to sequence rather abruptly, leaving some non-Firefly fans in the dust. Leaving some members of the audience saying, “What the hell?!” during the entire length of the movie. Well not the entire length of the movie, but through some parts of the movie that only fans of the series would understand. Meanwhile, all those ‘Browncoats’ kept screaming through exciting parts of the movie. Rather annoying. We know already that you like the movie, but really… enough is enough when you see what’s his name come on the screen to introduce himself and the movie.

Anyway, did I mention how much Pennsylvania is annoying? Incorrectly labeled streets that interweave with street names. One moment you’re traveling on Knights Road and the next moment you’re on Serenity Lane. You’re like “man I thought I was going straight?” Anyhow, the directions from mapquest didn’t help any either. I can’t begin to describe how sucky they were. Got to laugh at 8/10 of a mile till exit, meanwhile, the exit sign just says “exit.” How are you suppose to know it’s that exit? Heh.

Regardless of the errors in Serenity, I think those errors exist because what’s his name, Joss, wants every non-believer to buy the DVD-set of Firefly before seeing the movie. Pure, pure, pure…. PURE… forgot the word I was going to say there. Sorry.

I currently give Serenity: 3 out of 5. This is mainly because it lacks what the show contained. It didn’t fully explain the characters. It didn’t show a whole western-theme that made Firefly what it was. It didn’t explain the whole English-Chinese occupation of the Alliance and such. Leaving me to think about the other people in the theater that weren’t Firefly fans. After a while the movie became predictable and comic book like. Oh yeah, here’s a *spoiler*—Why did they kill off Wash and Shepard? Sure, kill the only two funny men in the entire series. Heh.

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