So late

Did you ever notice that it’s nearly 4am and people on my block are still up, aside from myself. The people across the street are blasting music in their car. It’s loud as shit, as a matter of fact it is shit, shit music. It’s the only kind of music people blast around here that isn’t worth blasting. Do you know what I’m talking about? If not, I’m talking about this horrible obsession with rap music that people have. They feel the need to have their bass and treble turned up all the way to the point where they feel the thumping near glass shattering feel of a sub. The only time you encounter this is with people who *love* rap music. Seriously, whenever do you hear rock & roll being blasted on 24″ subs? Never! Unless if you’re at a concert. Then. My friends. That is expectable. /rant

Yo, yo, my nigs’ what’s poppin’ in da’ hood, were ma’ fried chicken?

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4 thoughts on “So late”

  1. That last bit in italics…oh my god..that is hilarious 😀

    I know exactly what you mean, though. It’s “normal” to blast rap crap, but if you blast rock or something “ungodly” like death metal, you’re looked at as some sort of freak. I hate popular music and I don’t understand why rap is so popular.

  2. People in the next house over were having a party before playing their rap music easlier yesterday, and one of the girls shouted that.

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