Wireless sucks

I’m sitting around now because it’s raining, and since I got home this router has been going on and off. It’s really damn annoying now. I was going to get a new one today, but it was foiled by my mother. She was telling me to wait till the house is pre-wired, also saying the wiring should be done in two – five weeks. Well, my dad just watched me walk up and down from my room in the attic to the living room. He asked me why I don’t just get a new router because this one keeps going out all the time and you know it’s not because interference from other routers (most of the time it is). Anyhow, he was telling me about how the house is not going to be pre-wired for another 3 months. That’s a far way away from 2 – 5 weeks. He also wants me to head on out and spend the 40 – 70 dollars to get a router that wont go out every 10 – 30 minutes. Just like I planed in the first place. I guess it’s up to my dad to convince my mom, like always, to get a new wireless router for the time-being. Was I right, or am I right?

Anyhow, go figure. I will now grace you with something in the palm of my hand. Look below.

Baby Hamster: By my calculations I’m about 100 meters above the ground and I will go splat if I go too far over the edge.

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