Wireless Sucks, Part II

Well today I chopped up the entire basement with a jack hammer. Upon doing so the motor on one of the jack hammers shorts out and now I’m left with a nice cut on my right hand. It’s somewhat difficult to type. Not to mention the amount of blisters on both oo my hands.

I am happy that my dad congratulated me on a job well done. Something he rarely does when I work. He even had to force me to take a break, since we were working at the crack of dawn. Even though I got back to my house at 3am. Stayed up to nearly 6 coding. Where I’m left to say version 9.0’s recoding is near complete.

Well on to the real topic of this entry. Wireless sucks. On break it must have went out 5, 6, 7 times in the time I sat down to see what as going on online. Of course nothing since I couldn’t access shit.

Anyhow, here is a nice program called Network Stumbler. What it does is scan for other wireless networks in your area and it reports back on what they are using, what channel they are going over, and other shit. What makes this so important to even mention is the fact that people in this area use the same channel or use speed boosters which knock out other wireless networks, namely mine. Going on, we have to use channels that are 6 channels apart from each other in the United States. Dumb. I know. But there is a reason. Being at least 6 channels from each router keeps the interference down to a minimum. Even though the router still gets knocked off which leads to me to think it’s either: a) the router is a piece of shit, which it is, or b) someone is using a higher signal boost that goes over the channel I’m using.

What makes this so difficult is that in the US we’re only allowed to use 11 channels, but 3 of those channels will provide optimum results. Namely 1, 6 (default), and 11. Using other ones like 2, 3… etc will overlap with other channels and cause interference problems and knock your wireless router out.

As such, I want a new router one that isn’t a piece of shit wireless router from Linksys and my mom keeps insisting me to wait since “she” doesn’t see the problem with it going out ALL the time.

As a matter of fact, the router just went out 5 minutes ago while I’m still typing up this bloody entry. No problem eh? You walk up and down the ladder, you waste the time to reset the router every 25 minutes. Bitch. (not her.)

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