She now gets a name as of 5 minutes ago!

You know I never named my one hamster, she’s the female you often see in any of my pictures. She has a beautiful coat. However, she has no name. I ran through suggestions. Hell, the male, who you have yet to see in any pictures, even has a name. His name is Miho, like the girl in SinCity, when we throught he was a she. It turned out false and now I’m left with three baby hamsters and a mom with no name. Well, mom is preggers again, and I think it’s time to split the two love birds up. But… Miho has been depressed lately. He hasn’t been himself to the point where he will not crawl into my hand. Anyhow, I decided on a name for the female hamster about 5 minutes ago. Tracy, after the movie Dick Tracy with Warren Beatty. Another comic book movie for another comic book name. Tracy.

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