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Hamsters! I compiled a few days worth of pictures of all my beautiful hamsters. I didn’t take pictures everyday as I planed to, but this is just as good. I even got the best shot in the world of my two female hamsters in a separate cage. They are so beautiful! It’s a shame I have to give them all away to a perfect stranger one of these days. I wonder if my friends who are receiving these beautiful hamsters will respect the nature of their beautifulness and let them live long healthy lives. Man, these pictures are so beautiful, but you know what? They are even more beautiful to look at in person. More so, they are even more beautiful to hold in the palm of your hand. Ahhhh… My hamsters are prettier than yours!

Day 1: One hamster is born on 06/09/05 at 3:22 PM

Day 1 Continued: 3 more hamsters are born in all their pinkness.

Day 2: Mom watches over the babies in the open surroundings for predators like you (and me). She will attack if necessary and even if not necessary.

Day 5: Mommy buried the pink baby hamsters since it was cool enough for them to be buried under the bedding. Go figure, it was extremely hot out the previous days.

Day 9: 9 damn days later and the babies are all completely fur covered. Aren’t they beautiful? YES!

Day 9 Continued: Close up of the 4 baby hams which are fur covered now. My god. So cute.

Day 9 Continued: Mom coming out for a look to see who is up there taking pictures of her underage hammies.

Day 9 Continued: All hammies are eating. Food!

Day 9 Continued: Nice angle. However, the lighting sucks.

Day 9 Continued: Lookie at the one hamster in the upper left yawning. Aww.

Day 9 Continued: Notice the mom (Tracy) is eating while the other 4 hamsters have their back turned lined up in a straight line. It also give you the save difference between a semi-adult and a baby hamster. Woah, what a difference.

The females: On day 9, today for those of you who are lost like me, I was able to get a shot of my other two beautiful hamsters from the first litter of the bunch. The two females seen in the picture above are so cute. Because of their cuteness you must download the high resolution version of this picture here and set it as your desktop background.

The males: In their own cage we have two male dwarf hamsters. Though you only see one, the other one is in there sleeping as well. Lazy bums.

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