Poopie time [2]

I know she’ll hit me, but here is an update as she spends time in the bathroom trying to take a poop.

The other day I was able to get my hands on 2 tickets to the Video Games Live Tour that will be hitting the east coast in August. I know how much Quynh and Phil always rant about a concert or orchestra featuring video game music never hits the east coast. It always happens to be the west coast, more specifically California who gets all the good stuff. While I’m not a big gamer, I go like most of the music that goes on in video games. It’s always, well if not always then sometimes catchy. I wanted to keep this a secret from her, but she mentioned it and probably was going to buy tickets anyway, so I had the spill the beans.

However, I got her a special little gift that should be arriving in a few days. Hopefully on Wednesday or Thursday before I might* go down and force her to watch War of the Worlds staring Tom Curse.

Which brings me to another thing—my house! The builder my parents’ highered hasn’t shown up for nearly 4 weeks. I’m pretty sure they are going to fire the scumbag. Tomorrow or Tuesday I’m told they are getting something to put the roof on the house. I’m looking forward to this since we’ll finally be able to run electric through the new part of the house and stuff. This dirt bag had/has a lot of shit that still needs to be done. It pisses me off since this house was supposed to be near completion already complete with running water and electric. Even if the house didn’t have wooden floors or carpet it wouldn’t bother me since it would be nearly done sometime soon, and it would be livable.

Side note, when did Adobe release a CS2 version of most of their products?! I’m baffled at the fact. I must get the new version of the Creative Suite sometime soon. Damnit. New stuff. Even if it isn’t needed.

. . . .

I just seen a commercial for the new Family Guy episode to be aired on Thursday, and it looks funny as shit. It features Peter entertaining President Bush with a clown nose. Upon doing so, the president acts like a little kid banging his hands on the desk and stuff as Peter sticks his tongue out and wiggles his hands by his ears. Peter keeps on going doing the something over and over again until the president knocks over a glass thing on his desk. When the president knocked over the glass thing he starts crying like a little baby. Oh my god that was bloody fucking funny.

*might implies that I may go down to visit her, most likely I will however, it is never certain.

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