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Sometimes things go so well for some weird amount of time, and then all of a sudden everything dips down into a gully to the point where it looks like there is no return. That’s how I’ve seen some of the things lately. It seems to go along so well and then drop off into shit land. Oh well. Everything has a strange way or working out for the best so I should be grateful among other things.

You know, Fourth of July was a great time together. I had fun as I’m sure she did. From eating exotic food to poking fun at me for not being able to finish it because I was full. Yes, I was full. It’s the truth.

Before ID4 I was at my uncle’s in upstate New York around the Hudson Falls area. He recently bought his very own house for obviously himself, but also for his wife and three kids. Now, my uncle and his wife have only been married for five years and he already has three kids! By god stop with the hamster humping or put that girl on the pill.

Well aside from that my uncle was able to help me repair the dents in the car with Bondo. It might not be perfect, but we did it! The car looks ten times better than it did before, at least to me. We were able to sand it down, prime it, and paint it. I was even able to get the long awaited fin for the right side of the car on. Go Uncle Scott. Thank you.

The next thing on my list is to get a professional paint job on the car to make it all pretty once again. After the paint job I would like to get the h-grade Camaro stripe that runs along the side and rear of the car to finally make it look somewhat original. I was even able to find the “2.8 Multi-Port Injection” emblem that goes on the rear of the car. I probably wouldn’t need one if someone at school didn’t take the time to pick at the emblem. What assholes.

School pisses me off so much because they have their mommies and daddies pay for their cars outright, so they wind-up getting ’05 that cost twenty-five grand and shit. Meanwhile, here I am grateful that my parents are able to fill half the bill for my 3,675$ insurance a year. Anyway, back to the point—people at school just don’t give a shit about what they do to their cars and to other people’s cars. Dent away my car that I bought with my own money because you don’t care, but as soon as someone hits your car you’ll be all up in their face because daddy got it for you.

. . . .

One more thing: When is this house going to be somewhere near done?! Quynh showed me these houses on Park Place and man are they beautiful. I must talk my parents into buying a house down there or buying some land… however, if they buy the land there is a sure chance that the house will end up like the house that I’m in right now. Ripped apart and incomplete for the next 30 years.

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