The hits just keep coming [2]

Okay, let me start this entry out with this crazy dream I had. I read something last night on CNN about the Chinese willing to attack the United States with nuclear weapons if we interfere with the issues the Chinese are facing with Taiwan. As far as I know the Chinese are supposed to release Taiwan from their grasp, but China does not want to let their main source of income for exportation, Taiwan, go. Anyway, the dream centered about my mom & grandmother heading down with my siblings to someplace in central or southern-Jersey. Meanwhile, I was sitting in the back of my grandmother’s car looking out at the back window thinking today was going to be a horrible day. Sensing nothing was wrong, nonetheless. I questioned my mother on why my father couldn’t come and her reply was because he likes to work and being an asshole. (True as of right now because he has yet to come home.) While looking out of the rear-window, I see this big cloud of black and red-ness rise up from behind us in the background. I was like “Grandma’ can you fucking step on it there is this big ass cloud that looks like a mushroom coming towards us.” She’s like what and the road begins to melt. Next thing you know, I’m buried under all this shit with a guy that looks like Chewbacca. All these little orange like sparks flying towards us and shit. Chewie’s arms flapping all over the place. Man, it was freaky. The next part of the dream followed an interface that resembled the map featured in the Spiderman II game for PS2 and X-box, PC is not included since it sucked. Facing such villains like Carnage and Venom. Blah. Freaked the living shit out of me. Watching people melt away like it was nothing.

Anyway, on with the rest of the day. I woke up to a note telling me to pack up the rest of my room. I packed us the rest of the room which wasn’t bad, not bad at all. However, going on with the day yielded horrible results in the computer related area.

Apparently my main hard-drive, an IBM Deskstar 60G, fizzled out on me. It became so hot that when it fizzled out it caught fire. Though the fire was small and contained, it still caught fire! I pretty much lost all the information I was working on for JPdb again, not to mention I lost all my mothers Quicken 99 information. This would be the second time this year that a hard-drive failure has plagued my computers. Never has anything I’ve every done in computers yielded such horrible results. Everything that I seem to touch dies. I swear. The drive was only 4 or 5 years old. It would be about 5 years old this January. So I went out and bought a 160G Seagate. I’m rather pleased at the results. The only thing I hate is having to sit there and reinstall every single mother fucking application over again.

It also took me longer than expected to install Windows on the new drive since magically the same drive that became unformatted last week also became formatted into a FAT16 cluster. Now, how the fuck? Can someone please explain to me how this can happen for the second time in a week? To anyone that knows or would like to know, knows that Windows XP is unable to read a FAT16. In turn, Windows will not display the drive, and it also makes Windows (though the drive is not present) incredibly slow.

My mother was like, “didn’t you just install a new processor & faster processor complete with ram?” Yes, mom.

Well after that was all sorted out, Windows is up and running hosting all the services it did before, complete with SETI. This is a load of horse shit, pisses me off, and makes me want to cry. Seriously.

Let me list the things I’ve done to the computer in the last 3 months:

  • 450 Watt Power Supply
  • AMD XP 3000+ Processor
  • Silent Heatsink
  • 2 x 512 mb sticks of ram ((1) 2100/(1) 2700)
  • Gigabyte Motherboard
  • IDE 100-160G Seagate Hard-drive @ 7200 rpm
  • ThremalPaste
  • 3 new system fans w/Green LED
  • 2 new round IDE wires, 1 new round floppy wire

Anyway, someone is ignoring me because of “Harry Potter and the Cat the ate too much” is out.

. . . .

Now my day just got even worse and it’s only been a new day for the last hour. I was just recently shown that the concert I bought tickets for was recently cancelled.

This day keeps getting better and better as I’m out $137.00.

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