The love of sales, yet I didn’t wait [2]

I had another nightmare last night. It blew. Today was just boring as the fact that surrounds the house. I have a headache thinking about it right now. Oh well, but I seriously do have a headache.

A few hours ago I called Quynh and told her I drove past her place, but her car wasn’t there. She was like, “I’m at work! Where are you?” (I left out some choice words over there). She didn’t take that joke very well and told me she wasn’t going to talk to me for the rest of the day. I thought it would have been a funny joke since I dropped off the last 2 hamsters at my friend Lily’s. In all, the joke failed miserably. I guess I’ll have to make up for it tomorrow, if she’ll let me. :p

Now, I only have 2 more hamsters from the second litter and the mother. I’ve decided to call the one male hamster Ziggy and the other shall be called Al. Now, if you know where those names ornate from, you would know it’s from Quantum Leap. Anyhow, I love to tease those two because it looks so damn cute! I’ll stick the tip of my phone antenna in the tank and they’ll jump on it or swipe their claws at it. Man, it’s so cute.

Also, in other news… remember the hard-drive I bought yesterday? The 160G Seagate. Well, it turns out Circuit City is offering the same hard-drive for only 39.99$! That’s over 68% off the retail price! I paid $120.00 for the hard-drive yesterday at CompUSA. Man, I just got ripped off. What pisses me off even more is Circuit City is offering 512M 2700-PC RAM for only $16.99! That’s over 72% off retail price. I’m so damn sold right now. Man, I can keep going on too. They are also selling a 300G 7200RPM Seagate for $99.99. I want. For the love of anything. I want. Why can’t I just be a good boy and wait for sales. But if I think about it, CompUSA was having a sale and I still got ripped off.

Man, I suck.

. . . .

After reading a handful or kickass reviews about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory I really want to see it. It kind of turned me off in the beginning since Depp looked like Jackson. Oh well. Creepy I know. Go here for more information! I figure I’ll make it for the 12:10 showing or the showing for 2:40.

More good news, it turns out that the Video Games Live! shows in Jersey aren’t cancelled. They will be back on sale within a few days. Let’s hope this is true otherwise, like I said, I’m out 137.00$.

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