It’s way too hot out, its way too boring around here.

As my laptop LCD suffers from pixel decay and it further drives me insane. The screen is only on during the times I’m in front of the laptop. It’s not very often in this day and age, but still. The laptop is only a year old and it’s pixels are decaying in the upper right hand corner. Sometimes I will see a little dash or a line going across the top. Or I’ll see actual outlines of the minimize, maximize, and close out buttons. They look like the outlines of the buttons within the Direct Connect client. Simply put, outline of any windowed application. Direct Connect just happens to be one that is on top when I turn the screen back on.

Why it is suffering from pixil decay is beyond me like we’re suffering from extreme heat in Jersey.

Stupid heat. I sat in my car today and it was like 150 degrees of heat hitting me all at once. Two AMD processors at full power touching my skin without a heatsink.

Apparently I’m a jerkoff since I never bothered to read any Harry Potter books until today, but the damage is done. I know the ending of the latest Harry Potter book via everyone around me, except my lovely hamster girl. However, I will attempt to read all five previous books and rediscover the so-called magic that surrounds those “kids” novels. You know, I never thought them as kids novels… they just never caught my attention because it was an “in” thing to read. I always liked to stray away from the in thing. Looks like I just gave in. I hate you.

Anyway, death to the heat as I go back to die.

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