Build it and they will come

I’ve been thinking about rebuilding the one computer I use to have until the processor fried. The motherboard is still good. Old, but it can take a processor thats 1.6GHz to 2.2GHz. The only problem is finding a processor that fits the mold. I can’t seem to find an AMD Athlon XP processor with a 266MHz bus. Not even on eBay! I have all the parts for the system still. All I would need is a case w/power supply, a hard-drive and a video card. Boom it would be all set and everything. Not much to say about that. It was a very decent system until I attempted to install a new heatsink. Go figure.

In other news. Term bill 8900$, Phone bill 13$, new phone plan 59$, life: shitty.

Also, I turn 21 on August 6th! anyone want to hang out with me? I’ll be all alone because someone has work and hasn’t answered her phone.

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