I seriously just want to stop the site. It serves no purpose anymore other than a forum. I tried working on content for the last 3 weeks, and it keeps getting harder and harder to generate. I see no point in doing it anymore. People have lost all (almost?) interest in Jurassic Park. I have. I’m leaving.

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2 thoughts on “JPdb”

  1. If you have lost interest, you really should close it down. Why should you work your ass off at maintaining it if you aren’t even getting any enjoyment out of it? There’s a time for everything. The time for JPdb must have passed. Move onto something new. We all grow up and our interests change.

    I feel bad for never going to your forum, but the way most of the people act on there, I feel as if I’m better NOT there.

  2. Likewise. Except for me it’s because it seems like some people there have to mention in every other post how awesome the ‘good old days’ were, or some crap about some other JP forum, all of which is neither here nor the present.

    Just throw up some old news and leave it at that. What’s wrong with just keeping the old content from the original 3 movies up?

    Or close it down if you’re really that uninterested.

    More hamsters would be nice though.

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