Quickies [2]

It’s nearly 1am. I’m here alone and bored. I’m sitting a hot room since there is nothing better to do, but I really should be sleeping. I can’t. It’s one of those nights where I’m still active, but very pissed off due to the heat and sweating my balls off. My balls are hanging so low that I could tie them in a knot and throw them over my shoulder. My cock on the other hand is very small and like a little twig. Who knew? It is shrinking.

I demand that every download AC/DC – Big Balls, and laugh.

Did anyone else know that in 10 years NASA will be phasing out their man-shuttle missions? That’s just sad when the whole program has pretty much gotten back to its feet. It boggles my mind as to why they would do something. With the great risks these people take in NASA’s space program they also make great discoveries. Go figure. One great thing about NASA and they are phasing it out. Totally pisses me off.

. . . .

Before I forget—One of my 3 other roommates dropped out! Only two more to go! I wonder if I’ll get a room to myself since my current roommate and the other dude are best friends. :p

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2 thoughts on “Quickies [2]”

  1. Jon, hear this – don’t worry about your penis size! I have stories about how bigger isn’t always necessarily better, and I know you’d cringe if you heard them 😀

    But I know, this heat needs to disappear…fast. I’m glad I don’t have sagging balls to deal with. Hehe.

    Why in the hell would NASA phase out the man-shutle missions? That makes no sense to me. Are they tired of dealing with the risk involved or what?

  2. Go figure. It was on the news in what seemed to be a report that NASA is phasing out the space program within 10 years. (Manned missions anyway.) Meanwhile, everyone who is related to the space program wishes for them to continue with their work with people into space. You know what else? Look at the ISS! People up there right now. It’s not even complete. It was supposed to be completed in ’99, then it changed to ’00, then ’06. What bullshit. Finish it already!

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