Getting closer to being a ghost

4 more hours until I can legally drink. The prospects of drinking really do no appeal to me so much. Look at all the side effects you get from it—impaired vision, motor skills, beer belly :p I’m all for it! I’m already a retard, so why not speed up the process? I’m such a dumb fuck every not and then, if not all the time. Leading me to say this heat wave blows.

It’s really pissing me off to the extent that I flip out for no particular reason. Let me apologize to the people I flipped out on yesterday night/this morning. I’m sorry 🙁

With this apology accepted by some and rejected by others… not much more to say other than get a copy of Weird N.J.

Weird N.J is a supposed travel guide to various locations around New Jersey that have a strange meaning or folk tale. Yet, it does not give any specific directions to any of the places they describe. They wish to leave these places alone, but at the same time encourage people to visit these places before they disappear. If they are going to disappear, like some already had, then why don’t they give us exact locations, or at least close enough locations where we can wing it? I’m all for a good hunt for ghosts, but yeah. I want to know where I’m going. Wouldn’t you?

Man, I’m gonna be 21, this will suck. But from the looks of it, tomorrow seems like a great day to go ghost-hunting down south in the Pine Barrens.

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3 thoughts on “Getting closer to being a ghost”

  1. ^^ And I really don’t know why, because everyone drinks way before then anyway. The government isn’t doing anything by setting the legal age so high.

  2. Yeah, go figure. I never really drank while underage. Only when my parents made something big and offered me some. Other than that there has only been less than a hand full of times that I have.

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