mini-AIM emoticon pack for Trillian

Well, I did have a big update, but thanks to Windows Update’s prompts to reboot—I accidentally hit reboot button while tabbing over to “restart later,” so I lost a major update, and I’m too lazy to type it all up again.

Anyway, time for the news that has tired me out. I spent the last couple of hours figuring out how to make an emoticon pack for Trillian. My efforts were a success! I would like to present to you the mini-AIM emoticon pack for Trillian. While I did not make one single damn graphic (as AOL did), the coding was rather confusing and shit. So give me my props . The emoticon pack for AIM features only the 8pt icons, frankly because they look better than the 12pt or later AIM icons.

Well that’s it for tonight. Time to close out Photoshop. Enjoy the emotico…whatever pack everyone!

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