4th RU Screw

Alright, I just found out a week ago that I’ll officially be in the Nicolas Apartments on the Busch campus of Rutgers.

Now, I’m a Livingston College student which has different regulations for graduation, availability of parking, and other things I don’t care to think about. Since I am a Livingston College student I had my car on campus. One of the only perks I enjoyed about being on that campus.

However, on the Busch campus (Rutgers College) students are only allowed to have a car on campus with 54 credits or more. I only have 47 credits because I took two non-credit courses down in Rutgers-Camden.

Back to the Nicolas Apartments, I specifically asked if I was able to have the car on the Busch campus, being a Livingston College student without 54 credits or more, before I signed the contract. The lady replied with a “Yes, Livingston students regardless of credits will be able to have their car on campus” and so I signed the contract believing so.

I went to purchase a parking permit online via Rutger’s Parking & Transportation website (www.parktran.rutgers.edu) and it spats back a message saying I’m ineligible to purchase a parking pass for this semester, but if this is some error to contact the Parktran office during business hours. Upon further investigation I found the Parking & Transporation’s Rules and Regulations Handbook (Page 11, 2005) and it states:

A resident student’s ability to have a car on campus is determined by their college affiliation and the regulations particular to that college. Students who reside out-of –state and pay out-of-state tuition must show proof of out-of-state driver’s license to have a car on campus. Resident student parking assignments are made to specific lots according to a student’s on-campus residence. From 8:00 am to 6:00 pm, a resident student having a car on campus must park in their assigned lot and use the intercampus bus system for travel on the same or any other campus.

If I’m to read this right, my college affiliation is Livingston, their regulations to that college state I’m able to have a car on campus. What more is there to say? Unless it reads, my college affiliation is Livingston, but the relation for the Busch campus based is on Rutgers-College states I need 54 credits or more to have a car on campus.

My dad is pissed off saying “You’re a full-time student and you don’t have enough credits? What the fuck are you going to college for if you don’t have enough credits as full-time?” I told him about the two non-credit courses and he flipped out on me. I take it he doesn’t understand the logic of Rutgers completely.

As memory serves me right, when I tried to buy a permit online last semester I couldn’t because Rutgers registration system was fucked up. It still had me listed as a non-dorm student living on Camden-Rutgers. After showing proof of being a Livingston College student I was able to buy a permit for the semester.

Maybe it will work out. Maybe it won’t. I swear I get fucked over more and more as I stay at Rutgers. I was actually happy about going back until now. They send me down to Camden, denied federal aid, and told me to take a higher level calculus II, now this…. might I add the tuition hike of 10% which feels like 25%. How the hell does it go from being $14,000 dollars to being nearly $20,000 dollars a year?

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6 thoughts on “4th RU Screw”

  1. It’s Nichols apartments, not Nicolas.

    Did you at least get your financial aid sorted yet? ~$18,000 a year is a lot.

  2. Okay.

    Somewhat. They are working on it.

    Are you ‘ever going to call me back?

    I assume by your entry that you probably met some cute guy, and you were able to smoke legally for once.

  3. No, and no. Though my cousin tells me weed/hash is pretty easy to get here–what do you expect, though, we’re in a CITY. I can’t call you back because my phone is on roaming.

    Nice layout, thoughy I can’t fully enjoy it because the resolution on this computer is absurdly low and there are a million toolbars on this browser.

    I’m popping on AIM Express for a little while.

  4. My send button is broken too. It keeps calling the most recently called person. I should have stopped playing Tetris.

  5. Tuition everywhere is ridiculous. Mine went up only $1,000 this year, but paying $30,000 a year is just TOO much. By the time I graduate, it’s going to be $50,000. I’m in debt already and I’ve not even gotten out into the real world, yet. Talk about a depressing feeling.

    Hopefully you can get all of that mess with Rutgers straightened out. That seems exactly like something that would happen at my school…like I know I’m not even going to be able to get a parking pass because I’m sure too many freshman have applied for them before me. Bah…

    And I have not gone completely German. My weblog is still mainly English :/

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