RU Screw #4 ‘CONT [2]

After spending countless hours on the phone with Rutgers Housing, Parking and Transportation, and some other offices they came to the conclusion that I’m screwed. Housing and Parking do not agree with each other one the rules and regulations regarding the wording campus affiliation.

I spoke with a number of housing representatives at the Busch and Livingston campus, and they all state the same page and paragraph seen in my previous entry. They believe I should have no problem getting a parking pass because I’m affiliated with Livingston College, not Rutgers College, not Rutgers College of Engineering because they have their own rules and regulations.

Parking & Transportation state that by affiliation means to which campus you are living on, not the campus you are accepted into. So Parking & Transportation believe once you live on another campus regardless of affiliation, the new campus becomes your affiliation. You are to be treated as a Rutgers College/College of Engineering student. This denomination requires me to have 54 credits or more, which I lack.

Seriously. If you want to make something clear in your god-damn handbook, make it clear. I’m affiliated with Livingston, thus I’m a Livingston Student. Nothing else regardless of what campus I live on. But if I’m affiliated with Busch by living on it, make it clear! I agree with Housing on this one. Score one for them.

One more note, housing will not charge/fine me for a “room transfer” back to Livingston, but they say there is no space left in the dorm. That is a load of horse shit. There is always room on Livingston. The place is dead regardless of what you do with it :p

Getting away from school, I fixed my phone. Popped it open and fixed the rubber dialing mat holding the number pad. I was able to push the pins out again and it works beautify. Doesn’t call Quynh when I open the face plate any more! I’m sure that got annoying because she was my more recent attempt to call before falling asleep on the open phone.

Back to the school, I’m have to find a garage for my car until the middle or end of December. I feel ridiculously stupid for this problem because I was misinformed by a housing representative. Not her fault. She read the rules one way and saw it the same way I do—the same way the other people I talk to not including parktran. Bah, one more RU Screw to add to the list.

. . . .

Update on Financial Aid. The reason I’m denied half of what I got the last two years is because I did not send in the FAPSA in at the correct time. Rutgers received my FAPSA information on May 16, 2005. In order to qualify for all the aid I received the last two years I needed to send the FAPSA in before March 01, 2005. What kind of crap is that? That’s 3 months to put together an estimate of what you think you have in order to get student aid from Rutgers. So ladies and ‘gents, that’s why they are refusing to give me aid on my term bill. I did receive aid, but Rutgers is only letting me take out a Student Aid Loan for this year.

I plan on taking care of this in person by blowing up the school. Yeah right.

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