A wonderful dinner [2]

First off I would like to thank my special friend for taking time out of his day to drive me to Olive Garden to pick up various items to complete my masterpiece of a dinner. I would also like to thank the other people who were willing to give me a ride when they found time. It seems that not having a car on campus really blows.

Anyway, I finished up cooking the rest of the meals when I got back to my dorm, and the only thing that was missing was the cheesy Italian music and dinner by candlelight. While it didn’t make much of a difference since I can’t cook for the life of me, she enjoyed it. I hope. Hey, if she didn’t she didn’t say anything. Makes me feel good, somewhat.

Well she better have enjoyed it. Otherwise, the consequences of her not enjoying it would be heart-wreaking.

. . . .

Well, about 14 minutes ago I got a call from a girl named Megan, an ex-girlfriend (ex-female friend because we lost touch) of mine from school was living down in New Orleans when the hurricane struck. How she got my number after 6 years (almost 6 years this November) is beyond me. Probably… never mind, I don’t know how she got it. She called to say sorry, sorry, why sorry? Sorry, I haven’t a clue.

She kept talking about my strong will to stick to people until the problem is solved, and she is now learning that value. I don’t call it a value anymore. I call it more of a bloody curse that has to stop sometimes. I’m really shocked that she remembers me at all. Let alone the way I am around certain situations.

It’s kind of weird because I recently found letters she wrote me when she moved down to the New Orleans area buried under a shit load of letters from my past. After that I never heard from her again. Come to think about it, my old cell number was in one of those letters, or she could have called my parents. Maybe that is what my mom tried to tell me as she was kicking the crap out of my brother today for something stupid, so I didn’t ask her to repeat herself.

How she talked about God on the phone for the 7 minutes [6:48] (kept it short because she said something about trying to get in touch with her sister in another part of that bloody state. Fine with me) we spent on the phone was kind of annoying. “Gods will” and how it made her remember the past… Blah. I haven’t been to church voluntarily in years and my past is skewed as it is.

Well despite what happened back then, what’s going on now, she’s okay.

…also she should have paid attention in Basic Drafting.

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