Like woah

I could imagine riding the bus around is a fun experience, but not last night.

After I got on the A bus heading back to the Busch campus, half way up the bus stalled out on Route 18. Now, this wouldn’t be my first time walking up 18, but it was totally unexpected. I walked back with this one girl trying to find her car which happened to be in Lot 54 across from my appartment. I can’t even remember her name. All I know is that she was for Pharmacy and from Camden doing that 2 + 4 program. Anyway… The bus system here at Rutgers blows.

The other day for our first in class writing sample for Scientific Writing, he had us write a page or so about how the bus system worked. If what had happened to me last night happened before writing that writing sample I would have had something to say.

Oh well. As my PC gets hot due to this extreme heat at night I’ll turn in. Why is it running at 47 Degrees C? And why does it smell? Damnit. Who farted?!

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2 thoughts on “Like woah”

  1. Oh, I just needed that for a project in Scientific Writing. We needed to find a job that we think we could work at and write a resume and cover letter. Since I was in the computer lab at the time when I found it, I thought I should post it on here so I can remember it for later.

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