Interesting couple of days

Let me start at the beginning—Upon returning to my apartment on Busch, I found the apartment in shambles. My roommate had just thrown a party and left it a mess, but even before that the apartment started to get really raunchy. It was starting to get to me, not only at how messy it looked, but also how it started to smell. So, after I dropped Quynh off at work I drove around looking for a Target, but wound up going to Walmart instead.

Target will not be open on Stelton Rd until 2006. The new Target is also right next to a Pathmark and various other outlet stores. Awesome!

Anyhow, at Walmart, the store of death, I spent over 260 dollars on supplies and utilities. I originally went in there just for bathroom supplies—eg. a mop, bathroom rugs—but I wound up getting a shit load more than I was thinking. I bought stuff ranging from bed room utilities to kitchen crap to a vacuum. I got the vacuum for 38$, 12 amp… it sucks up anything so far. Bought a toaster oven for 19.99$ because our apartment did not come with a microwave. A few other things meant for killing germs & cutting grease. That was a lifesaver. Bought a package of air fresheners for 6$ to get rid of that smell in the pantry because my roommate has spilt so much food in there and refuses to take out the trash.

Lets see—For the bathroom, like I said, I bought a mop, grime & mildew killer. Washed that fucking floor down like there was no tomorrow (and I also cleaned out the tub)! That damn thing looks white, and not some black looking disgusting piece of work. Lettings everything dry, I placed the 3 bathroom rugs down on the floor. Those rugs I tell you, make the whole bathroom look a shit load better. Ha, a “shit load.” Also picked up a scale, which I’ll get to in a little bit. Trash can and the toilet bowl scrubber for later use.

Getting to the rest of the apartment, I got to the sink at some point. All my dishes have been used over the course of time by my roommate. I’ll tell you this–the kitchen was by far the worst thing to tackle. Before even attempting to touch or wash anything I let everything sit in the sink filled with grease & grime cutting crap, just soaking for about a half-an-hour. Meanwhile, I cleaned off the stove, covered in burnt food, then the rest of the counter in anti-bacterial stuff. It was nasty. Finally, I got to the dishes. The stuff still wouldn’t come off, and I’m glad I bought some of those yellow gloves. I seriously would have hated to touch that stuff with my bare hands.

Bah! With the dishes complete I put together the vacuum cleaner & sprayed the carpet down with various cent stuff to get rid of most of the smell. I love that vacuum cleaner. Sucked up everything and made the apartment look really nice for once.

The whole place was sparkling by the time I was done.

Well the sparkling apartment was short-lived. After I left to go pickup Quynh from work my roommate must have came back, since upon returning to the room him, 3 other friends and 3 other chicks where there playing cards and drinking. The place was all moved around and there was a little food on the carpet that I had just cleaned. They also had the my TV on in the main area on watching a football game, while his TV in his room was on loud as fuck. Meanwhile, there are two other girls walking in and out of the bathroom weighing themselves on the scale I just got. They kept on saying how fat they were for being 110 lbs. You call that fat?

Did I mention that my roommate was there for a little bit by the time I got around to washing the bathroom at 2:30. He just looked at me weird and left and didn’t come back until I left the room at 8:00. Fat ass, clean the hell up! You drop something PICK IT THE HELL UP!

I will never clean the apartment like that again. This was a one time effort to clean the hell out of the apartment and make it liveable. If this happens again he can go fester in his own shit. I’ll just sit back in my nice clean room and eat out a lot more.

The next day, while I was on the cleaning binge, I changed my room around, that is when my roommate came in and asked me if I needed any help. By that time I said no because I was done. I must say I’m pleased with the layout.

Anyhow on to something enlightening—I attended the speaking of Dalai Lama the 14th at Rutgers. I like his statements of “I don’t know.” It fits perfect with life. You don’t know anything in life until you face it.

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