I had my first exam in Calculus III today. It looked so much easier than Calculus II. The Calculus III exam had 6 questions on form B. Of the 6, I know from a pretty sure point of view I got 4 of them correct. The other two, or at least half of one of them I couldn’t remember how to do, and then I look in my notes and I’m like MOTHER FUCKER!

Hopefully I get a decent grade on this without any distractions on the next exam for Calc. In all, my Calc exam should be a higher grade than the 45 I got in Mechanics and now in-danger of failing because of that. Though, the mechanics professor said he would drop the mid-term if my final exam is higher than my mid-term. You know that will be a given fact. Also, I need to up my homework score in that class, which is also another reason. That homework is ridiculously hard, so he wants me to email him, come to his office hours more, and such. You know my emails to him will be pretty meaty when I pump them out.

Now, what should I do? Play Starcraft or to play Startcraft. The bloody game I got sucked into buying legally for once against my will :p

You know, I’m really scared for my grades in 3 of the 4 classes I have. It’s no joke. They truly kick my “po po”

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