Today my new 300GB Seagate came in, and I’m very pleased with it. Right now it is running hotter than all my other hard-drives because it is not in front of the 80mm fan. But it’s all good. It wont be dying anytime soon as these things are made to become hot, but not too hot. Also on the up note I now have my Promise Ultra 100 TX2 reading 137GB or bigger drives. I tried to get Quynh’s Ultra 66 to read the new drives, but it turns out Windows XP cannot handle that driver.

On top of all that for the short while I was there the power went out and I’m guessing her dorm network went down as well. I was like “Okay, what did I touch?”~Alan Grant.

Other than that there has been a few things going on, and none that I’m too pleased about.

My grandmother had a heart scan done yesterday and my mom called and told me the results were not good.
I was told to stay away from someone for a while, from another person. That will be interesting.
Umm, yeah and some other things.

And it looks like I’m doing laundry. Yay.

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