Congestive heart failure

Wound up in the hospital for me any my grandmother this morning around 4-am for CHM. Well she went in there for a bloody noise, but I went in there for another reason. I was released 3 hours later, but she was kept until 2-pm. Here we are in the middle of up-state New York.

Finally get back to Jersey around 7:30. I head back down to college, get in around 8-ish.

40 minutes later my grandmother is back in the hospital for double pneumonia, and heart problems. She had one of those bloody nose things that she had 2 years ago where she almost lost all her blood. I’m very pissed that the doctors in New York did not catch that. They took x-rays and everything while we were up there. All they said was it seemed like some fluid in the lungs, but she’s alright as long as she takes “so and so.” Stupid fucking hicks.

My dad slipped and probably cracked his skull open, so he’s in another hospital being treated as well.

I have no clue how those two are doing. I’m worried shitless about both of them. I could care-less about my exam, my budget project, which are due tomorrow.

What luck? My chest is starting to hurt again. Time to take some Avern or whatever it’s called.

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3 thoughts on “Congestive heart failure”

  1. I don’t know what to say, Jon, other than this is terrible. This is definitely the last crap you need to be worrying about during exams..and finals are coming up too. Just hang in there and do as best you can.

  2. Indeed. Another update on my family coming after I figure out why I can’t connect to my VNC server in the computer lab.

    Let’s just say everyone is alright. My dad has a broken nose, and about 30 or so stitches on the back of his head. He’s home, thankfully. Left me a voice mail this morning and I somewhat cried. Just glad he was alright.

    As for my grandmother, she’s in the hospital still. Getting better. Nothing like last night, so she’s all safe and sound as well.

    So I guess everyone is fine now. I just need to STUDY for the exam that is at 6:30.

  3. Hi Jon,

    This morning I read your last few entries. Ah shit. What a bloody awful time you are having.

    I’m so sorry about your grandmother. My mother died last year at 90. The last 3 years of her life she had bouts of illness that were a real worry to all of us. The constant worry was always hanging over our heads and our lives were often disrupted or put on hold to look after her. We wouldn’t have had it any other way, but it’s tough, and you have my sympathy.

    As for you starting heart problems at 21 – Christ, that is so unfair! You haven’t said much about how it will affect your life, but you must still be in shock. Coming to terms with it is a big task for you.

    As far as your exams go, I hope you’re applying for special consideration. All this worry and time spent on your grandmother’s sickness, and now your own problems, will have affected your ability to study, and function in exams, even if you not always aware of it. My mother died the day after my final exam and I remember sitting in the exam and wondering if she was still alive. I thought I concentrated quite well, but looking back now, it was difficult to marshal structured arguments in the essays. My lecturer was very kind and understanding when I told him about it later.

    Good luck to you.

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