This is a test, and I believe it only works in Firefox correctly after intalling this program:

A satellite is orbiting around the earth at a height of 20,000 km. What is its orbital speed?

[mathml]R_(earth) = 6.378*10^8 cm[/mathml]

[mathml]M_(earth) = 5.974*10^27 g[/mathml]

[mathml]G_(const) = 6.67259*10^(-8) cm^3/(g*s^2)[/mathml]

[mathml]v_(orbit) = G_(const) * M_(earth) / (R_(earth) + R_(satellite)) = 3886 m/s[/mathml]

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  1. I figured that after I wrote the entry.

    Internet Explorer does not function correctly after installing MathML.

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