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Ah. It’s really been a while… hasn’t it? I’m sitting here right now as my two brand-new 300GB (279.5G-NTFS) SATA hard-drives format. Soon to be set up in a RAID-0 or RAID-1. I can’t remember the difference between the two.

Recently I had all my hard-drive partitions go bad, and I lost almost all my information. The only partition that was untouched was my Windows XP partition. It’s moderately amazing. I bought a new RAID card to take over the job of my old Ultra100 TX2, so if anyone wants it you can have it. I just needed something to take over the job because my motherboard has conflicts with it.

Yesterday, I was finally able to get MAXTOR to accept my RMA for a 250GB drive that died on me out-right. It was only 5 months old, or so. The new drive should come Monday or Tuesday. My total capacity will be 1.56TB —

  • IDE1
    • Master – Seagate 160 / 2 partitions (Windows XP, CAM) — 50%/50%
    • Slave – Seagate 300 / 2 partitions (Installers, Movies) — 63G/216G
  • IDE2
    • Master – Memorex 16x DL DVD+/-rw
    • Slave – Samsung 16x DVD-rom
  • SATA
    • Bus 1 – Maxtor MaXLine 300G (1.5GB) — haven’t decided about the raid yet.
    • Bus 2 – Maxtor MaXLine 300G (1.5GB) – ditto
  • RAID Card
    • Bus 1 – Western Digital 160 (133) (TV)
    • Bus 2 – Maxtor 250 (133) (DVD-r)
  • USB
    • USB 2 - Maxtor 120 (Music)

Enough about that, I’m just wasting space.

Over the weekend it snowed an unsightly amount. We got abut 11 inches in some areas and Rutgers still had class come Monday. On Tuesday we had snow-plowing events occurring in my parking lot which I was not made aware of. Tuesday’s I have class from 8:40 AM till 6:40 PM and then you would think I would get something to eat… so make that 8:00 PM. By the time I got back to my dorm I found out I had a $550.00 ticket on my car, for not moving it to a specified location. $500.00 goes to the state of New Jersey in violation of snow emergency resources, and $50.00 goes to Rutgers for my incompetence to move the car by 6:00 PM. Here is the thing: since I’m a part of Livingston I get their emails on where to move the cars. I got an email Saturday from Livingston advising Students in the Towers and Quads to move their cars on Tuesday. I’m on fucking Busch. The RA didn’t even get the notice to move the cars until 11:00 AM Tuesday. That would leave every resident in the apartments only 7 hours to move their cars. Amazingly a lot of people moved there cars, but I still counted about 30 other people still left in the lot, who also got tickets. I could imagine them feeling my pain as I’m not going to pay this ticket. I’m in the middle of fighting with Park-tran on this, but I’m sure I’ll lose out on this one too………. Like all the other times.

As for the rest of today, I looked at myself in the mirror today… and said … no I screamed. I’m ugly. I just realized that. I’m so fucking ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly. Driving me up a wall. I just submitted my portfolio to another modeling company, and after seeing myself in the true light today… I don’t think I’ll get in. Fuck me up the ass. Fuck.

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