Milk and Stereo

Sometimes I wonder how life is supposed to work. Spring break officially started yesterday at 4:30 for me. A massive amount of work to do over break too. What am I doing? Sitting here in my dorm half-ass naked listening to Milk and Cereal on repeat. I should really be going home because my mom left with her cousin to go down to Florida for the week. This leaves me at home to baby sit my brother and sister for an entire week. My dad will still be come, but you know how he gets. In some ways he is a big baby when his wonderful wife leaves to go do something for herself.


I also keep forgetting that I have to go for blood work. My heart condition is getting increasingly worse; more than the doctors were anticipating. Yeah for me. I can suspect a 5 year shelf-life, or I can be like my grandmother and have wires in my chest… and hurt every time someone decides to go over a bump in the car. It makes me sad to think about it because I seen how my grandmother was after the operation. She must have been bed-stricken for nearly a month after the fact. It wasn’t until recently that she just started to get up and about. Oh well, keep a mind out there when I go for the tests this Wednesday.


On anther note, girls annoy the bloody shit out of me. First I get called ugly by a 300 pound girl; another girl decides she doesn’t want to stop talking to me claiming I like her friend. I did like a girl a while back, but she got a boyfriend, so fuck that shit. Oh yeah “come over to her place!” No. She didn’t tell me to come, so I’ll be a 5th wheel. There I said it.

I can’t wait to blow my fucking brains out. Not to be emo, but my life sucks.


I’m still trying to figure out why I let Barry’s cut my hair for this modeling thing. I miss my long fucking hair that I had. I feel so bald now without hair that went below my jaw. I do have to say that I’m pleased with the way the color of the hair came out.

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