It’s getting there

I’ve been around helping in every way to get this house finished. And its pretty much getting there. I’ve placed a few pictures on my eden account. They are a bit dated now because we’ve finished a lot in the last two weeks!

Today, I saw this awesome red sunset. I tried to get pictures with my old digital camera, but it wasn’t capturing the sunset correctly. The clouds around it where near white, but they appear as light blue. The atmosphere around the sun was an orange color, but appears nearly amber. The sun itself was red, but in the pictures it’s just a dark orange type of color. This is when you can begin to tell when your digital camera from 2000 is beginning to become dated. Pretty funny actually. The pictures I took still look cool, but not great. Take a look here.

Anyway, how’s everyone’s summer going? Leave a comment if you like. =)


Forgot to add the following: my forum on was hacked on June 3rd and then again on June 5th. Each attempt was retaken by me within an hours notice of the hijack. Rather stupid. People like that suck. Right now I have the host investigating this. I should hear back in another day or two.

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3 thoughts on “It’s getting there”

  1. The house is lookin’ pretty good there (finally)… Except for that stinky red car in the third picture. 😉

    What happened when it was hacked? The site just went down, or what?

  2. Ha, yes finally. I’m still sleeping on the floor of the living room.

    As for the site, someone figured out the passwords to the forum’s FTP and Admin panel. When did did so they placed an iframe linked to a JAVA applet which contained a virus. I removed the virus easily, changed the passwords to everything. They figured out the passwords again, and then changed my remote key login to the server itself. Placing the same virus on the forum again. Figured out how they did it any got the site back within an hour.

    So far I have 3 IP’s, but I don’t know if they are legit or not. They range from AOL to Comcast-UTAH to University of North Texas.

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